Welcome to the website of Laboratory of Medicinal Diagnostics, Applied Catalysis and Special Chemicals, which operates under the Department of Organic Technology, ICT Prague.

The aim of the Laboratory of medicinal diagnostics is to create a centre comprising state-of-the-art analytical instruments and knowledgeable experts in the fields of analytical and medicinal chemistry and organic technology in a top university workplace, which is a traditional source of inspiration and information, and an indicator of development in the field of basic research for further applications and commercial domains. As an integral part of the research, bachelor, master and postgraduate students contribute on the projects.

The analytical part of the group focuses on the development of (1) rapid and accurate analytical methods for the monitoring of biomolecules (e.g. biomarkers of serious civilization diseases, neurotransmitters in body fluids and tissues), (2) analytical methods for the pharmaceutical industry, and (3) the development of diagnostic tools to determine serious diseases by general public.

The core subjects of the part of our group dealing with applied catalysis and special chemicals are (1) research on the asymmetric hydrogenation of the C=N and C=O bonds on Ru catalysts, as optically pure precursors of various drugs, (2) the development of new platinum cytostatics, and (3) the development of a decontamination process by vapour phase hydrogen peroxide (VPHP).



Student Scientific Conference 2014


On Friday, November 21st, our students successfully presented their results at the Student Scientific Conference. Martin Kindl won in category Technology of organic compounds and chemical specialties. In the Drug Synthesis and Production section when two ours students were placed on front positions was on 2rd place Bc. Miloš Mikoška and on the 3nd place was Jaroslav Aubrecht. In Drug Production, Petr Šot won.


Award of the Minister of Education 2014


Jan Pecháček received the Award of the Minister of Education for Outstanding Students and Graduates.

Ceska hlavicka 2014

Alena Budinská received the "Česká hlavička - GENUS" award with her work "The synthesis of biologically active compounds using stereoselective catalysis".